cartridge cap

cartridge cap
заготовка (чашечка) гильзы

English-Russian arms dictionary. 2013.

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  • Cartridge (firearms) — From left: .50 BMG, .300 Win Mag, .308 Winchester, 7.62×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO, .22LR. A cartridge, also called a round, packages the bullet, gunpowder and primer into a single metallic case precisely made to fit the firing chamber of a firearm …   Wikipedia

  • cartridge — /kahr trij/, n. 1. Also called cartouche. a cylindrical case of pasteboard, metal, or the like, for holding a complete charge of powder, and often also the bullet or the shot for a rifle, machine gun, or other small arm. 2. a case containing any… …   Universalium

  • cartridge — n 1. shell, cartouche, canister, canister shot, case shot, cap; bullet, ball, grenade, Mil. projectile. 2. capsule, cylinder, case, container; reservoir, magazine, cassette …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • Percussion cap — The percussion cap, introduced around 1830, was the crucial invention that enabled muzzle loading firearms to fire reliably in any weather. Before this development, firearms used flintlock ignition systems which produced flint on steel sparks to… …   Wikipedia

  • Paper cartridge — refers to one of various types of small arms ammunition used before the advent of the metallic cartridge. These cartridges consisted of a paper cylinder or cone containing the bullet, gunpowder, and, in some cases, a primer or a lubricating and… …   Wikipedia

  • Snap cap — A snap cap is a device which appears similar to a standard firearm cartridge but contains no primer or projectile and is used to dry fire the weapon. Snap caps usually contain a spring dampened false primer which absorbs the force from the firing …   Wikipedia

  • ball cap — Flobert Flo bert, n. (Gun.) A small cartridge designed for target shooting; sometimes called {ball cap}. [1913 Webster] {Flobert rifle}, a rifle adapted to the use of floberts. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cb cap — noun Usage: usually capitalized 1st C&B : a .22 caliber rimfire cartridge similar to a BB cap but with a larger bullet …   Useful english dictionary

  • bb cap — ˈbēbēˌ noun Usage: usually capitalized both Bs : a .22 caliber metallic cartridge about 0.43 inch long overall that consists of a rimfire case and a small (as about 20 grain) round nose lead bullet and in which originally the primer served as the …   Useful english dictionary

  • Beaumont-Adams Revolver — Infobox Weapon name=Beaumont Adams Revolver caption= Beaumont Adams Revolver, percussion cap variant origin=flagcountry|United Kingdom type=Service revolver is ranged=yes is UK=yes service=1862 1880 used by=United Kingdom Colonies, British… …   Wikipedia

  • small arm — small armed, adj. Usually, small arms. a firearm designed to be held in one or both hands while being fired: in the U.S. the term is applied to weapons of a caliber of up to one in. (2.5 cm). [1680 90] * * * ▪ military technology Introduction… …   Universalium

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